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Our Bottom Line: Your Breakthrough Results.

Your business has reached a crossroads. The environment has changed, or perhaps your business is growing faster than imagined. You need clarity and a fresh direction. Let On Strategy guide you through that transition. let's talk


The on strategy solution


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Where is your company now, and where do you want it to go? What are the real problems? More importantly, what do your customers truly need from you? Discover this before the competition, and you will thrive. Our job is to help you probe, investigate and ask the tough questions.


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Now you have insight. Fresh ideas with real potential. You’re inspired. We instill the discipline and rigor to help you and your team re-focus. To see the possibilities and paths. Know which opportunities to pursue and, just as important, which opportunities to let go.


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It’s decision time. Armed with knowledge, options and clear goals, you make the choices that will transform your business. This is where excellence meets opportunity. You’ll work with confidence, because now your team is focused and aligned. You’re committed to a purpose. That’s power.


step 4

breakthrough results

You launch your plan, and the real-world results unfold. Gratifying, but this is just the beginning. Now it’s time for course corrections and adaptability as you learn. We’ll help you steer with a steady hand and unrelenting intention.


Don Maunders, Managing Director

Don’s proven formula for achieving breakthrough results is based on a combination of customer insight, strategic focus and team engagement. The road traveled for Don includes 20 years growing one of Canada’s best managed companies, A&W Foodservices of Canada Inc. As a key member of the executive team that turned the A&W chain in Canada from a fading, drive-in business to a thriving leader in the Quick Service Restaurant sector, Don held senior positions across the organization including Operations Management, Marketing and Human Resources/Organizational Development. Don holds an MBA from the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, a Bachelor of Science from the University of British Columbia and is a Certified Co-Active Coach through the Coach Training Institute in San Rafael, California. Born in New Westminster BC, Don now lives in North Vancouver with his wife and two sons. Don is passionate about living a fulfilling life colored by a mix of interests with great friends and family.

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Don Maunders, Managing Director

Don has helped organizations and executive leaders achieve superior results for over 20 years. With a client list that includes some of Canada’s most dynamic organizations, Don is known for pushing leaders towards sharp, customer-focused decisions that get long-term results. Clients appreciate his passion and his ability to listen, to get to the truth and to help them gain new insights about themselves and their businesses.


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